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Someone entertain me ?

Anonymous said: I'm almost certain you're my soulmate...


I have no soul sadly, just soles. Can we be solemates?

haha, this is brilliant.



OK GUYS. In July 2010, I spent about a month in the Volta Region of Ghana. While I was there, I had the chance to spend time at New Seed International, an amazing NGO in the city of Ho. New Seed International provides care and support for people with HIV/AIDS, including a community clinic, an orphanage, and a school.

Esinam, 13, is in the care of New Seed International and she wants to go to school and become a doctor one day, but she needs facial surgery before she can do so. Both of her parents died when she was young, and her grandmother who was taking care of her has recently had a stroke.

Only $130 of her $10,000 goal has been raised in NINE months!

Every dollar helps! And even if you can’t donate, please just reblog this and keep her in your thoughts.

Esinam’s fundraising page:


A video from Esinam:


New Seed International’s website and facebook:



oh my god, you guys, this is unbelievable. We are Tumblr and it is *not acceptable* that we can’t get the word out about this fundraiser and help this girl have the life she wants. It’s just $10,000. We pooped out that much for a new Veronica Mars movie in .000002 seconds, but it’s taken Esinam nine months to get FIVE DONATIONS. We NEED TO DO THIS. We CAN do this.

Stop what you are doing and reblog this post. Go to the donation page.  Chip in. Please. If every person following me just threw in 5 bucks each, we’d be 75% funded overnight. You guys. LET’S FUCKING DO THIS FOR HER.

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There are just some sounds that everyone loves:

  • Shoes on gravel
  • Crackling of a fire
  • The snapping of necks of those who think they can disrespect you
  • Cats purring

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